Mechanical Seals – The Mechanism of Trust

Mechanical seals are important devices in fluid and gas transportation. They are used to seal the entry and exit points of a shaft. The overall purpose is to prevent leakage at these points. Mechanical seal performance is critical to those using pressurized rotating machinery. The mechanical shaft seal for pumps guarantees that the shaft sleeve and the […]

Pump Sealing Basics: Mechanical Seals vs. Packing

Mechanical seal is the method of sealing a pump. Sealing is performed at the place where a shaft that is rotating passes through them. Mechanical packing is a method for sealing a pump using material like ropes to seal dead points to avoid fluid loss. Selection for the two is based on the kind of required […]

Why Are Mechanical Seals Still The Preferred Choice In The Process Industries?

Mechanical seals are the most efficient means of avoiding fluid leakage from the centrifugal pump to the external environment. Mechanical seals help keep the moving portion of the Mechanical shaft seals for pumps from coming into contact with the pump housing’s stationary part. On the other hand, mechanical seals are the devices that form the packing between the […]