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ARIIZ is one of the leading Trisun mechanical seal suppliers in the UAE. We offer some of the best and premium quality mechanical seals and other sealing solutions that maintain the efficacy of the pump optimally. ARIIZ is a specialized seal supplier with an experience of more than one decade in the industry. Over the years, we have served an array of industries including Oil, Gas, Mining, and Civil and commercial operations with our quality products. At ARIIZ, we give utmost attention to the quality of our products at all times.

Pinion seals are vital components in mechanical systems, specifically in the automotive and machinery sectors. These seals, often positioned in differential assemblies, create a barrier to prevent lubricating oil leaks around the pinion shaft. The robust design of these pinion seals ensures optimal performance and longevity, enhancing the overall efficiency of mechanical systems. We make sure all the products available to us are of superior quality and as per the regulations. Our commitment to quality and constant endeavor to introduce novel products and mechanical seals make us one of the best Mechanical seal suppliers in Dubai and all over the UAE.

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Seals are one of the most important components of a system. It is imperative to ensure that the Mechanical crank shaft seals for pumps provide the required sealing and meet your exact needs. ARIIZ believes in providing dependable mechanical seals that can meet various demands of industrial applications. Our team of experts goes the extra mile by understanding the exact nature of your system and your requisites. They suggest you the best seals that not only enhance the performance of your system but also ensure long-term peace of mind.

At present, we have a complete range of TRISUN mechanical seals in our inventory.

We can also customize and make specialized seals for your application taking into consideration the pressure, temperature, shaft speed, fluid type, etc. ARIIZ offers an extensive range of mechanical seals in various size dimensions to serve a tremendous number of sealing requirements. We are one of its kind of client-oriented mechanical suppliers in UAE that focuses on client satisfaction and technical details as well as applications of a mechanical seal.

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Stationery rings for mechanical seals form a stationary interface against which the rotating seal face operates. Comprising materials like ceramic, tungsten carbide, or carbon, these rings ensure a tight seal, preventing leakage in industrial equipment. Their robust construction enables them to withstand harsh operating conditions, such as high temperatures and abrasive environments. Stationery rings for mechanical seals are strategically positioned within the seal assembly, complementing the dynamic components to maintain a reliable barrier against fluid escape. Proper selection and maintenance of these rings are crucial for optimizing the performance and longevity of mechanical seals in diverse applications, from pumps to compressors.

Mechanical seals are manufactured for almost any application in which a rotating shaft has to be sealed. Pumps, agitators, expansion joints, and any other rotating equipment will require a mechanical seal. Effective mechanical seals isolate the medium to be delivered from the external environment, preventing contamination, leakage, and emissions.

Typically comprising a stationary and a rotating face, water pump seals create a barrier to contain water and maintain pump efficiency. Common materials include ceramic and carbon. Regular inspection and replacement are essential to prevent wear-related failures. Properly functioning water pump seals are critical for diverse applications, such as automotive cooling systems, industrial processes, and household water pumps, ensuring reliable and leak-free operation.

We are the leading Mechanical seal stockiest and suppliers in Dubai and all over UAE. We can assist you with almost any mechanical sealing problem. We have a wide array of mechanical seals in any material, shape, or size. We can also create custom mechanical seals from your drawings. We provide Trisun Seals for the specific requirements of our customers.


Mechanical seals are instruments used to provide a seal at the point of entrance or exit of a spinning shaft. Usually, it is used to prevent a high-pressure fluid from flowing into a lower-pressure fluid.
If the face of the seal is white, it’s Ceramic. A metal seal face like copper, iron, or aluminium bronze, looks like that. If it’s Silicon Carbide, it’ll be grey and light in weight. Silicon Carbide belongs to the same family as Ceramic. The Mechanical seal suppliers in Dubai offer every type of seal at the best cost.
Mechanical seals consist primarily of a rotary seal face with a moving mechanism that rotates at the same speed as mechanical shaft seals for pumps, a stationary seal face that mates with the rotary seal and maintains, using a gland or in some pump versions, an integral seal mask, a tension assembly.
Yes, the only efficient sealing choice for certain types of facilities, applications, or situations is the use of a mechanical seal. This Decision focuses on the protection of environmental concerns linked to leakage. Get in touch with the Mechanical seal suppliers in UAE for the leak proof sealing pumps.