Pump Sealing Basics: Mechanical Seals vs. Packing

Pump Sealing Basics: Mechanical Seals vs. Packing

Mechanical seal is the method of sealing a pump. Sealing is performed at the place where a shaft that is rotating passes through them. Mechanical packing is a method for sealing a pump using material like ropes to seal dead points to avoid fluid loss. Selection for the two is based on the kind of required operation, personal budget, and operational priorities.

This post provides information concerning pump sealing basics. With this information, you will make an informed decision in choosing the effective and best sealing method.

When is a mechanical seal a choice?

It is suitable for a linkage that causes environmental and safety issues. With the help of mechanical shaft seals for pumps, it should be considered when the fluid in the pump has health, environmental, or safety harmful effects. It seals the leakage tighter than packing. You must consider a mechanical seal for a type of application where environmental or health issues have to be considered.

When is packing an ideal choice?

This method is suitable when the leakage fluid does not have harmful effects. It requires a lot of repacking and adjustment. Then enough labour must be available. It requires less cost and simple maintenance.

Some other factors you can use to establish your selection

Below are some factors which can help you to assess what is essential to your application. Then you can choose the right one for your operation:-

  • Reliability

For reliability, mechanical seals are the best choice as compared to packing. Most mechanical seal suppliers can help you to select the best designThey do the installation effectively. Finally, they can provide you with the schedule for maintenance to ensure the equipment remains in good condition.

  • Cost

The initial cost for mechanical seals is large. But an investment in mechanical seals can return value in the long run. Most mechanical seal suppliers have different prices for mechanical shaft seals for pumps. Most mechanical seal suppliers in UAE provide leading manufacturer and supplier which have fair prices. The packing method has a lower initial cost. For large equipment or applications, the cost becomes costly as more elastomers and metals will be required.

  • Maintenance

Packing needs frequent maintenance support like repack and adjustments. Mechanical sealing does not need frequent maintenance. Here maintenance is scheduled to a specified time in the investment lifetime.

  • The lifespan of the project

Packing has a lower lifespan. Also, failures occur frequently. Mechanical seals have a long lifespan. Here equipment can stay longer without failing. You must consider a mechanical seal with mechanical shaft seals for pumps for a long-term project. 

  • Installation

Packing installation is easier than a mechanical seal. You can consult your supplier on how to install the mechanical shaft seals for pumps. Most mechanical seal suppliers offer these services.

  • Misalignment and radial motion

Mechanical seals are less tolerant to misalignment and radial motion. Here packing is the right option. However, with the correct support system, a mechanical seal can be the optimal choice.

In summary, mechanical seals are excellent for most equipment. It has high expenses due to the large size of the equipment and the operation involved. Nowadays packing takes longer with fewer adjustments due to advancements in technology. Therefore customers can also choose this method.