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Well, your search ends at ARIIZ. We are one of the most reputed pneumatic seal suppliers in Dubai. We have the widest range of bespoke pneumatic seals ideal for various rotating, reciprocating, and operating pneumatic systems. At ARIIZ, we bring to you some of the best and most intricately designed wiper seals, pneumatic seals, rod seals, piston seals, and O rings that are made from superior quality material and ideal for various applications.

Our team of experts exerts themselves to understand varied industrial systems and provide meticulous sealing products that enhance the overall functioning of the system. We are one of its kind of pneumatic seal suppliers in Dubai that believes in understanding the specific needs of the system. We make efforts to comprehend the pneumatic seal application to suggest an ideal product for the same. Our team uses the best combination of specialized materials to withstand any severe conditions such as high pressure, extreme temperature, chemical aggression as well as standard legislation.

Rod seals are critical components in hydraulic and pneumatic systems, preventing fluid leakage and ensuring optimal performance. Placed on the reciprocating shaft or rod, these seals create a barrier, preventing contaminants from entering and fluids from escaping. Engineered with high-quality materials like polyurethane or rubber, rod seals withstand extreme temperatures and pressure, ensuring longevity and reliability in various industrial applications. Their effectiveness enhances the overall efficiency of cylinders and hydraulic systems, contributing to reduced maintenance costs and increased productivity.

We offer standard pneumatic seals for single or double-acting cylinders. Our ready-to-use pneumatic seals are user-friendly and made from top-notch quality materials. We also serve the specific needs of pneumatic seals and O rings by providing them with custom-built seals. So, if you have any special needs for pneumatic seals, you can connect with our seal experts on our board line number for the required guidance.

What makes us different?

ARIIZ is counted among the top pneumatic seal suppliers in Dubai. We have experience of more than one decade in supplying premium quality seals and rings in the UAE. We have a strong network and long-term association with some of the best seal and ring manufacturers across the globe. All our products comply with the current legislation and meet the highest global standards.

Pneumatic seals stop air or other gaseous material from escaping a cylinder or another pneumatic device; they also exclude extraneous substances from getting into the housing. Made of a variety of materials, including Polyurethane, Nitrile, Viton, Silicone, EPDM, and PTFE, they are designed for low operating pressures, they can be used in both rotary as well as reciprocating motions.

Rod seals may be single or double-acting. Single-acting seals act in one axial direction only. Double-acting seals as the name suggests, act in both directions for reciprocating motion. We are one of the leading Pneumatic Seal suppliers in Dubai, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Tanzania & the Democratic Republic Of Congo (DRC), and all over GCC, the Middle East & Africa.


Pneumatic seals themselves remain leak-free by minimizing friction and wear. This is done by a dynamic blend of material consistency and geometric architecture. As pressures are usually limited to 10 bar, single device rod, piston, and wiper seals are commonly used.
The pneumatic seals are immune to wear. These seals are of a high-temperature resistance range. They are resistant to water and other dangerous liquids. These seals are inferior in friction. Connect with the best Pneumatic Seals Suppliers in Dubai to reap the advantages of such types of seals.