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The best quality Piston Seals and V-Packing Seals in the UAE

Welcome to ARIIZ! We are one of the finest and leading V-Packing & Piston Seals Suppliers. We have an experience of more than one decade of experience offering pneumatic sealing solutions as well as V-packing seals. At ARIIZ, we strive to update ourselves with the latest happenings in the industrial sectors and upgrade ourselves to offer a meticulous edge apart from seals and O rings. Our team of professionals is the industry experts having immense knowledge of the technical sealing requirements. They exert themselves to understand the exact requirements of the plan and offer V Packing and Piston Seals to ensure the utmost efficacy and performance of the system.

ARIIZ focuses on maintaining the quality of its products at all times. We are associated with some of the best and most professional V Packing and Piston seal manufacturers. We make sure all our products meet the quality standards and are at par with the regulatory norms. All our products are quality checked before dispatching them. Our aim for perfection and attention to detail along with a customer-centric approach makes us one of the most trusted and reliable V-Packing Seals & Piston Seals Suppliers in UAE.

V Packing Components to meet varied requirements of pumps, valves, and hoists.

V packing is one of the most crucial and vital elements. It has a direct impact on the overall functioning of the pump and valves. Our high-performance VALVE SEALS ensure optimal functionality, preventing fluid leaks and enhancing the efficiency of your valves. Crafted with precision and durability in mind, our seals meet stringent industry standards, providing reliable sealing solutions for various applications. Whether in automotive engines, industrial processes, or manufacturing equipment, our VALVE SEALS are designed to withstand challenging conditions and deliver consistent performance, contributing to the longevity and reliability of your systems.

It is imperative that the V Packing is optimum and can efficiently seal old pistons. ARIIZ offers an extensive variety of V Packing consisting of top and bottom components as well as several vees. We are one of the professional V Packing Suppliers. Our intricately crafted superior-quality V Packing is suitable for an array of applications such as sealing low-pressure systems, sealing high-pressure systems, double cylinders, single-acting cylinders, and much more.

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Vee packing is a highly adaptable sealing product. It is typically used in adjustable gland applications such as telescoping truck hoists, pumps, and valves. Vee packing sets are composed of a top and bottom component with a varying number of center vees. They are most commonly used to seal rods and pistons, for high or low-pressure systems and double or single-acting cylinders. We have an experience of over one decade in this industry. Our professional expertise and superior quality service make us one of the best leading suppliers in Dubai, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Tanzania & the Democratic Republic Of Congo (DRC), and all over GCC, the Middle East & Africa.

Engineered for efficiency, our Chevron Packing designs offer exceptional reliability in preventing leaks in dynamic applications. The unique arrangement of multiple V-shaped rings provides effective sealing, making Chevron Packing an ideal choice for hydraulic and pneumatic systems. Our high-quality materials and precision manufacturing ensure durability and consistent performance, meeting the demands of diverse industries. Choose Chevron Packing from us for reliable sealing solutions that enhance the lifespan and efficiency of your equipment, even in challenging environments.

Our V-packing seals come from Ding Zing and are available for a wide variety of uses. We are the renowned V Packing Suppliers from KASTAS – Turkey and Ding Zing (DZ) – Taiwan. Please call us at +971-4-224-2945 to get complete details on our V-packing range.

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