Best Ring

O-Rings, O-Cords, O-Ring Kits

O-Rings, O-Cords, O-Ring Kits

Best Ring is among Taiwan’s top three rubber product manufacturers. With production facilities in both Taiwan and mainland China, they have established a worldwide presence, including in the Americas, Europe, and Australia.

With the establishment of the Xiamen unit in China, daily production now exceeds 15 million pieces a day. They produce O-rings, packing, rubber cord, rubber hose and other products made of rubber.

Best Ring maintains the most stringent quality standards, and was ISO-9002 certified in 1994; in 1998, a further recognition was achieved: the QS-9000 certification. This double international quality certification is an endorsement of the world-grade quality of their products.

Best Ring has invested considerable resources into R&D, developing rubber raw materials, investigating in particular the long-term resistance to heat, cold, oil, wear, acid and alkali.

Best Ring is the first choice for high quality products manufactured with the latest technology.

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