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Looking out for top-notch quality Hydraulic and pneumatic seals?

Well, your search ends at ARIIZ. We are one of the leading suppliers of quality hydraulic, pneumatic, and wiper seals. Our hydraulic seals are perfect for a range of industrial applications. They are used in hydraulic cylinders to seal the opening of various components of hydraulic cylinders. Our seals are thoughtfully designed and made taking into consideration various requirements of the industrial plants and their function. Our hydraulic Seals perform dynamic as well as static sealing and deliver outstanding performance.

Boxer hydraulic seal kits are a set of seals that are used to prevent leaks in hydraulic cylinders. These kits typically include rod seals, dust seals, a thrust washer, and O-rings. The seals in a boxes kits are typically made from EPDM, nitrile rubber, or polyurethane. All of these materials are able to tolerate the high temperatures and pressures seen in hydraulic systems, as well as general wear and tear.

The instructions provided by the manufacturer must be followed in order to replace the seals in a boxer hydraulic seal kit. This usually entails taking out the piston and piston rod from the cylinder, putting the seals back in, and then putting the cylinder back together.

Hydraulic cylinder piston seals

A hydraulic seal is a soft, non-metallic ring. It may be fixed in a combination of rings or a groove of its own. It is used to separate or block fluids in reciprocating motion applications. They are very important in converting fluid power into linear motion.

ARIIZ comprehends the role of seals and how they can impact the overall functioning of a hydraulic cylinder. We give utmost attention to the mechanism and sealing properties of our products to ensure they optimally seal the hydraulic cylinder and ensure smooth interaction. Our Hydraulic Cylinder Piston Seals maintain the perfect sealing contact with the piston and the cylinder bore. It seamlessly seals the hydraulic cylinder and ensures proper performance.

At ARIIZ, we understand the role of a hydraulic cylinder and the impact that it can have on the overall performance of the industrial plant, and therefore, we strive to ensure that our hydraulic cylinder piston seals and hydraulic cylinder pneumatic seals are as per the standard specifications and ensures proper seal performance at all times.

Our Hydraulic Cylinder Piston Seals are apt for Off-Road Equipment, Hydraulic Presses, Automotive applications, Agricultural Machinery as well as Industrial Machinery, and Heavy duty earth moving equipment.

We have an array of Hydraulic Seals such as:

  • KASTAS Hydraulic Seals from Turkey

Discover excellence in hydraulic sealing with KASTAS, a leading supplier hailing from Turkey. Renowned for precision engineering, KASTAS hydraulic seals exemplify durability, resilience, and top-tier performance. With a comprehensive range catering to diverse industrial needs, these high-quality seals ensure leak-free operations and optimal efficiency in hydraulic systems. KASTAS Seals is committed to exceeding industry standards and stands as a trusted partner for businesses seeking superior hydraulic seal solutions.

  • DZ Ding Zing Hydraulic Seals from Taiwan

Among our esteemed offerings are DZ hydraulic seals from Taiwan. These seals ensure leak-free operations and longevity in hydraulic systems and as a trusted distributor, Ariiz is committed to supplying top-tier products that more than meet the industry standards but exceed them. Choose Ariiz for access to excellence embodied by DZ seals, and boost your hydraulic applications with unmatched quality and durability.

  • GMORS Hydraulic Seals from Taiwan

GMORS from Taiwan hydraulic seals stand out for their quality and adherence to international standards. Designed and manufactured in compliance with REACH, ensuring there’s no SVHC above the threshold, GMORS guarantees environmental safety. With ISO, IATF, and RoHS certifications, their comprehensive range of piston seals exceeds excellence. Trust in GMORS through Ariiz for precision, durability, and a commitment to environmental responsibility.

ARIIZ thoroughly believes in upgrading its product list at regular intervals. We make efforts to stay updated with the latest happenings in the industry and bring to you some of the best Hydraulic seals and supplies that serve various purposes and ensure the smooth functioning of the plant.

Enhancing Efficiency with DAS Seals and Compact Seals

Double-acting seals or DAS seals are integral components within hydraulic systems, specifically designed to enhance operational efficiency. These seals exhibit bidirectional sealing capabilities so that hydraulic cylinders which are subject to pressure from both sides of the piston, can work efficiently. DAS seals effectively prevent fluid leakage during both extension and retraction strokes and ensure seamless and reliable functioning of hydraulic machinery.

Compact seals are engineered to address the spatial constraints of hydraulic applications without compromising on sealing effectiveness. With a reduced cross-section, these seals thrive in confined spaces where minimizing size is important. Ideal for compact hydraulic systems, these seals offer a streamlined solution without sacrificing performance. Their space-saving design proves invaluable in applications where spatial efficiency is a critical consideration, making compact seals an essential choice for optimizing hydraulic solutions in restricted environments.


We have a variety of hydraulic seals, suitable for most applications. We are renowned Hydraulic Seals and pneumatic seal suppliers in Dubai, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Tanzania & the Democratic Republic Of Congo (DRC), and all over GCC, the Middle East & Africa. We offer Hydraulic Cylinder Piston Seals, Wiper Seals, and V-Packings from KASTAS – Turkey, and DING ZING hydraulic seals (DZ) – Taiwan (Available in Stock).