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The Bonded Seals, commonly known as dowty seals are the type of washer seals that are widely used to seal around a screw or bolt. They are multipurpose and used in several industrial applications. Bonded Seals have an outer annular ring made from hard material and an inner ring that is made from an elastomeric material. The inner ring acts as a gasket. The compression between the outer ring and inner ring ensures optimum sealing and boosts the sealing action. The PU Soft Wiper and Metal Wiper Seals are used to keep the system safe and scrape dirt and debris. They prevent the invasion of any contaminants as well as fluids. They have widely used a hydraulic cylinder , pneumatic cylinders, and suspension forks for motorcycles and in Heavy Earth Moving Equipment.

Ariiz is the renowned supplier of PU Soft Wiper and Metal Wiper Seals in the UAE. We have the widest collection of umpteen number wiper seals in different sizes and specifications. At Ariiz, we believe in catering to various requirements of our customers and introducing products that are superlative and technically advanced. Our commitment to quality and professional expertise in supplying seals and rings makes us one of the most trusted Wiper Seal Suppliers.

Bonded Seal Kits for Robust Hydraulic Systems

Bonded seal kits are vital components of hydraulic systems, providing a reliable and effective sealing solution. Comprising a metal washer and a rubber sealing element bonded together, these kits, also known as Dowty washer kits, are designed to prevent fluid leakage in high-pressure environments. The bonded seal’s unique construction ensures a secure and long-lasting seal, making it ideal for hydraulic fittings and connections.

The metal washer provides stability and support, while the rubber seal adapts to variations in surface irregularities, ensuring a tight seal even in challenging conditions. Bonded seal kits are widely used in hydraulic systems across various industries, such as automotive, aerospace, and industrial machinery. In addition to their sealing capabilities, Dowty washer kits simplify installation by eliminating the need for additional components like O-rings or gaskets. Trust our bonded seal kits to fortify your hydraulic setup and minimize the risk of leaking.

Contemporary Bonded and Metal Seals

Ariiz is one of its kind of Bonded Seals Supplier in the UAE. We have a strong network with some of the leading seals and ring manufacturers across the globe. We have the largest collection of bonded seals, wiper seals, metal wiper seals, and PU soft seals. Our seals are made from top-notch quality materials and are capable of scraping dirt, frost, ice, or any bonded debris from the surface. The inner bore of the seal not only restricts the entry of external contamination but also acts as a barrier for contained fluid. Our wiper and bonded seals are highly efficient and a reliable sealing solution.

Wiper seals or scraper seals are designed mainly to keep contaminants out of the system. They are axial seals that allow a reciprocating shaft to move through their inner bore while creating a seal to prevent the escape of the contained fluid, and at the same time protect the fluid from external contamination. Some wiper seals have a hard scraping lip to remove difficult substances such as bonded dirt, frost, or ice.

Versatility of Copper Washer Kits

Copper washers are known for their exceptional conductivity, corrosion resistance, and malleability. Their ability to form a tight seal, even under high-pressure conditions, makes them a popular choice in automotive, plumbing, and industrial settings. Copper washers effectively distribute load and provide a reliable barrier against fluid or gas leakage. Their malleability ensures a conforming fit, adapting to irregularities in surfaces for a secure seal. The anti-corrosive nature of copper enhances the longevity of connections, making them resistant to rust and degradation.

Copper washer kits are convenient assortments that include various sizes of washers, catering to different needs and applications. These kits simplify maintenance and repairs by providing a comprehensive set of copper washers, ensuring that the right size is readily available for any task. Regardless of its usage in engine components, plumbing fixtures, or hydraulic systems, copper washer kits are versatile solutions, contributing to the efficiency and durability of various mechanical connections.

We are the trusted Wiper Seals suppliers in Dubai, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Tanzania & the Democratic Republic Of Congo (DRC), and all over GCC, the Middle East & Africa. We stock and supply Metal Wiper Seals and PU Soft Wiper Seals from KASTAS – Turkey and Ding Zing (DZ) – Taiwan. We have a wide range of wiper seals.



Bonded Seal Advantages:

  • Low and high pressure sealing effective.
  • High and low-temperature capacity.
  • The bolt’s torque is decreased without a lack of tightening load.
Bonded seals are used for many various types of metal washers. Construction materials include aluminium, zinc, bronze, copper, mild steel, and stainless steel. Aluminium and aluminium alloys are lightweight, non-ferrous metals with strong corrosion, flexibility, and resilience. Connect with a Bonded Seals supplier to buy the best quality seals.
The popular compound for metal wiper seals is polyurethane. Metallic scrapers may be used for applications requiring subzero temperatures and, in particular, complicated applications where foreign materials may be collected on the rod.