Bonded and Wiper Seals


Bonded Seals, often known as washer seals, are commonly employed to provide sealing around screws or bolts. These versatile seals find utility across numerous industrial applications. Each Bonded Seal features a hard outer annular ring coupled with an elastomeric inner ring that acts as a gasket. Optimal sealing is achieved through compression between these two rings, enhancing the overall sealing action. Furthermore, PU Soft Wiper and Metal Wiper Seals are employed to safeguard the system and remove dirt and debris, preventing any contamination or fluid intrusion. These seals are extensively used in hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders, motorcycle suspension forks, and heavy earth-moving equipment.

Ariiz International stands as a prominent supplier of PU Soft Wiper and Metal Wiper Seals in Africa, offering a diverse range of wiper seals of various sizes and specifications. We pride ourselves on meeting our customers’ diverse needs with superior, technologically advanced products. Our unwavering commitment to quality and professional expertise in supplying seals and rings positions us as one of the most reliable Wiper Seal Suppliers.

Modern Bonded and Metal Seals

Ariiz International is a distinctive supplier of Bonded Seals in South Africa. We have established strong connections with leading seal and ring manufacturers worldwide. Our extensive collection includes bonded seals, wiper seals, metal wiper seals, and PU soft seals. Crafted from top-quality materials, our seals excel in removing dirt, frost, ice, or any bonded debris. The inner bore of the seal restricts external contamination entry and serves as a barrier for contained fluid. Our wiper and bonded seals offer highly efficient and trustworthy sealing solutions. Wiper seals or scraper seals primarily keep contaminants out of the system. They are axial seals, allowing a reciprocating shaft to pass through their inner bore while creating a seal to prevent fluid escape and protect the fluid from external contamination. Some wiper seals even feature a hard scraping lip to eliminate stubborn substances such as bonded dirt, frost, or ice.

As a trusted Wiper Seals supplier in Africa, we stock and supply Metal Wiper Seals and PU Soft Wiper Seals from renowned manufacturers like KASTAS – Turkey and Ding Zing (DZ) – Taiwan, offering a wide array of wiper seals to choose from.


Bonded Seal Advantages:

  • Low and high pressure sealing effective.
  • High and low-temperature capacity.
  • The bolt’s torque is decreased without a lack of tightening load.
Bonded seals are used for many various types of metal washers. Construction materials include aluminium, zinc, bronze, copper, mild steel, and stainless steel. Aluminium and aluminium alloys are lightweight, non-ferrous metals with strong corrosion, flexibility, and resilience. Connect with a Bonded Seals supplier to buy the best quality seals.
The popular compound for metal wiper seals is polyurethane. Metallic scrapers may be used for applications requiring subzero temperatures and, in particular, complicated applications where foreign materials may be collected on the rod.