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O-Ring cords are commonly used on non-moving machinery and static sealing applications to keep air, other gases and liquids from passing in or out of any given area. They are especially prevalent in pneumatic and hydraulic systems. O-Ring cord has a clear advantage for fitting seals to special dimensions that ready-to-buy O-Rings may not cater to. O-Ring cord is a simple round section rubber extrusion. There are many uses for O-Ring cord but is most commonly cut to a precision length and joined to make an O-Rings.

This is handy when odd sized O-Rings are urgently required and not available or when the required diameter is larger than what can be fully molded ARIIZ is one of the leading O Ring cord suppliers in Dubai and all over UAE. We have the largest collection of quality O-Ring Cords that are an ideal fit for an array of applications. Viton and NBR O-Ring Cords Our Viton O-Ring Cords are made from superior quality material and can withstand temperatures between -20°C to 210°C. They are chemical resistant and hence suitable for a variety of industrial applications that demand temperature and chemical resistance.

The Viton O-Ring Cords are ideal for applications that involve contact with the gas, acids, silicone fluids, petrochemicals, halogenated hydrocarbons, petroleum oils, aromatic hydrocarbons, etc. At ARIIZ, we strive to maintain the quality barometer of our products and make sure all our products comply with the standard regulations.

Our Viton O-Ring cords are intricately designed taking into consideration various needs of the systems. We have ready stock of NBR Shore70 and VITON Shore 75 various Sizes from 1mm up to 40mm ARIIZ has a proven track record of supplying top-notch O Ring Cords and seals across the UAE. Over the years, we have successfully carved a niche for ourselves in this field. We aim to offer superior level service to our customers. We are associated with some of the best and trustworthy O ring cord manufacturers from Taiwan and Italy. We have an exquisite collection of Viton & NBR O- Ring Cords available in Inches well as metric series. O-ring cords are excellent for large diameter static applications. We are the renowned O Ring cord Suppliers in Dubai.

Available in different materials, they also come in square and round cross-sections. Our eye for perfection and constant endeavor to do our best makes us leading suppliers in Dubai, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Tanzania & Democratic Republic Of Congo (DRC) and all over GCC, Middle East & Africa Custom size O-rings can be manufactured from O-ring cords. Our stock includes O-ring cords in a variety of materials including Buna-N, Neoprene, EPR, Viton, Silicone, Gum Rubber, and more. For any technical assistance, connect with our team now! Please contact us to learn more.


O-Rings – The magic Formulas Measure the circumference of the Viton O ring cords and the cross-section. Then divide the length by Δ (3.142), which will give you the circumference. Take the cross-section from here to give you the inner diameter.
The shelf life of a Viton O ring can be upto 12- 15 Years. Look for a O Ring cord suppliers in Dubai to buy the top-notch quality cords.
Simply put the O-ring cord in the channel, and work your way through, making sure that the cord is not strained or compressed; it needs to rest naturally. Mark where the ends intersect, then break them off but make careful to leave them over-sized at this stage.