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ARIIZ introduces a range of premium quality Oil Seals in the UAE. We have the largest collection of thoughtfully made oil seals, V rings, and O rings. We strive to present cutting-edge products that are not only superior in quality but highly efficacious. We ensure our products meet the discreet industrial requirements and improve the overall efficiency of the plant/system. Our oil seals are made from top-notch quality materials to ensure optimum sealing. At ARIIZ, we emphasize quality standards. We leave no stone unturned in ensuring that our products meet the specified quality barometers and comply with regulatory standards.

Extensive range of Oil Seals

The varied application and process of oil systems require different sealing solutions. At ARIIZ, we take efforts to continually update ourselves with the latest happenings in the industry and introduce novel products to meet various requirements. Our oil seals are available in a variety of sizes, styles, patterns, and material options. One can opt for the desired one based on the system specifications. Our Oil seals are suitable for a myriad of applications. They can be used to successfully cover the spaces between moving as well as stationary components in a system. It helps to prevent leakage of lubricants by restricting their escape.

Oil seals are designed by experts in the sealing industry. Their ergonomic design makes it convenient to use them. Whereas their exceptional sealing property allows one to prevent the invasion of any contaminants. These seals are ideal for a multitude of industries including automotive, power transmission, manufacturing, and much more.

Our Main Brands are:
TTO Oil Seals from Taiwan
National Oil Seals from USA
CORTECO Oil Seals are from Germany

National Oil Seals, TTO and CORTCO OIL Seals
Also known as radial lip seals or shaft seals, oil seals are widely used in conjunction with both reciprocating and oscillating shafts to contain fluids and to exclude contaminants. In some applications, oil seals are designed to contain pressure or to separate fluids. They have many useful features: They are easy to install, economical, and effective in a wide range of environments. We are the specialist in National Oil Seals, TTO seals and CORTECO Oil Seals.
We deliver our superior quality seals in all over Dubai, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Tanzania & Democratic Republic Of Congo (DRC) and all over GCC, Middle East & Africa.

Our main supplier for oil seals is TTO from Taiwan, CORTECO from Germany who supply oil seals and related products worldwide. The seals are made in Nitrile, Acrylic, Silicone, and Fluorinated Rubber.

TTO and CORTECO stocks over 17,000 sizes, of which we have 7,000 on hand. If a size you need is not in stock, please get in touch.

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