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V Rings are the most versatile and perfect sealing solutions. They are extensively used in many industries to meet specific sealing requirements. V rings are used to seal shafts, valves, pumps, and much more. They are ergonomic and easy to handle. V rings are made from a rubber-like stretchable material and hence can be stretched easily to fit over the assembled parts of the system. However, it is necessary to choose the right V ring taking into consideration the nature of the system, its application, and dimensions to ensure optimum sealing and long-term peace of mind. Any negligence while selecting a V ring can lead to a big blunder and may cost recurring maintenance of the system.

V-ring seals are unique all-rubber seals for rotary shafts.V-rings are mounted on and rotate with the shaft. The lip seals axially against a counter face, which is perpendicular to the shaft. The body has an interference fit on the shaft and holds the lip in position.

ARIIZ is one of the best V Ring Suppliers in UAE. We have the largest range of V rings in varied sizes, styles, and materials. We are experts in the Ring and Sealing industry. We bring some of the best and reliable products that are cost-effective and functional. We are popular for our superior quality and products and complete assistance. We make sure to assist our client to choose the most suitable V ring taking into consideration the application of the ring, the size of the system, friction surface, and much more.

Quality Assurance

ARIIZ has been in the seal and V ring sector for more than one decade now. Over the years, we have built strong relations with some of the finest manufacturers of V rings, O rings and seals. We believe in leveraging the power of our network and offering class apart products to our customers that are affordable and top-notch. At ARIIZ, we offer complete quality assurance to our customers. Our products are quality tested and adhere to the standard industrial specifications. We also provide bespoke V rings, O rings, and Seal to meet the custom requirements of the systems.

V-rings or V-seals, are fitted directly on to a shaft against a counter-face, which is at right angles to the shaft. They are made entirely of elastomer, giving them high elasticity. This makes them easy to install and flexible.
Depending on the size, V-rings can be stretched over other components such as flanges or pulleys. We are the leading V Ring suppliers in Dubai, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Tanzania & Democratic Republic Of Congo (DRC) and all over GCC, Middle East & Africa They can also give good sealing in case the axle rotates eccentrically; in this case, the maximum displacement of the axle depends on the maximum permissible displacement of the V-rings from the counterface.

Our V-rings, available in BUNA ‘N’ and Viton, come from TTO.

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V-ring seals are available in a wide range of styles and sizes to suit the specifications of most applications. The V-rings are typically made of nitrile rubber. V-rings made of fluoro rubber can be used by V-Ring Suppliers for applications where elevated temperatures exist or where violent media are present.
The V-rings are mounted and rotated with the shaft. The lip closes axially to the counter face perpendicular to the shaft. The body matches the shaft and keeps the lip in place.