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O rings are one of the famous and widely used elements in an industrial system. O rings are simple, economical, easily available, and cost-effective solutions to prevent leakage of fluids, gases, or chemical compounds. The torus-shaped ring meticulously fills the gap between two hard surfaces leaving no room for leakage. ARIIZ is one of the finest and most reputed O Ring Suppliers.

We have the largest range and stock of seals and O rings that serve varied requirements of industrial applications and systems. Our team of experts is highly professional and has great knowledge of industrial systems. They bring to you an array of O rings available in different materials such as Viton, silicone, NBR, and much more. Our commitment to quality and affordable pricing makes us the best O Rings Suppliers in the country.

NBR and Viton O Rings suppliers

ARIIZ has a strong network with some of the leading O ring manufacturers worldwide. We focus on the quality and application of the O ring at all times. We ensure our products are as per the industrial specifications and meet the exact needs of the system. We strive to understand a plan’s application and requirements before suggesting products. Our customer-centric approach and zeal to provide top-notch products have made us the best NBR and Viton O Rings Suppliers. Apart from O-rings, we are also authorized X Ring Suppliers.

As a trusted supplier of sealing solutions, we take pride in offering a comprehensive selection, including GAPI O-RINGS sourced directly from Italy. GAPI, renowned for its excellence, manufactures O-rings with precision and innovation, ensuring superior performance and durability. Our Taiwan O-rings collection features top-notch quality, reflecting the country’s reputation for engineering precision.

GAPI O-RINGS are crafted from high-grade materials, exhibiting resilience and reliability in diverse applications. With a commitment to meeting stringent industry standards, we source Taiwan O-rings that provide effective sealing solutions for various industries, from automotive to industrial applications. Whether you require O-rings for sealing connections or preventing leaks, our selection caters to your specific needs.

Affordable O rings

ARIIZ has vowed to introduce quality products at unmatched prices. Our products are competitively priced to provide maximum benefit to our customers. Over the years, we have become the zenith of UAE seals and the O-Ring industry. We are associated with the direct manufacturers of Seals and Taiwan O-Ring allowing us to offer products at cutting-edge prices without compromising on quality.

The O-ring is a simple circular torus, usually made of an elastomeric material. This simple design leads to its use in a wide variety of applications—static, reciprocal, oscillating, and dynamic applications—at low speed and pressure. It is the most commonly used sealing solution. In higher pressure conditions, a backup ring greatly increases the extrusion resistance of the O-ring.

We have O-rings in diverse sizes and materials. We are the major stockiest Suppliers of NBR, VITON, and SILICON O-Rings, Rubber O-Rings, and O-Ring Cords from various Brands like Best Ring and GMORS from Taiwan and GAPI from Italy.

We also stock and supply National Oil Seals from FEDERAL Mogul – USA

We also have more advanced sealing designs such as X-rings, specially designed for low-pressure sealing. We are one of the best O-ring suppliers in Dubai, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Tanzania & the Democratic Republic Of Congo (DRC), and all over GCC, the Middle East & Africa.


Silicon O Rings suppliers ensure they have a low compression package, making them the best choice for sealing the compression force and operating between high temperatures and pressures. As well as being resistant to heat and cold, silicone O-rings are highly resilient when exposed to ozone, acids, chemicals, and oils.
Silicone O-rings and silicone rubbers with a food-grade level have one of the largest operating sizes out there, from-60°C to 300°C. FDA-approved silicone does not contaminate food and is one of the safest materials for cooking equipment, insulation, sealants, and lubricants.
O-rings are intended to be placed in a gland, grove, and squeezed between two parts, providing an interface seal. A seal may be more specifically defined as an o-ring with a non-round cross-section or non-round overall form.
Comparing the minimal cost of repair to the possible cost of harm sustained and wasted man-hours/downtime lost, it makes no sense to continue attempting to reuse the same O-ring on your adapters and/or hose ends. It doesn’t matter what kind of Viton O-ring you have, either.
By drying the gaskets and placing them on a towel. Do not dry them in a dishwasher or put them to dry in the light. Connect with the Rubber O Ring suppliers for better assistance regarding preservation.
Vacuum O ring seals are made using Nitrile commonly used in many industries with other materials. Connect with a O Rings supplier to buy the best vacuum rings.