Mechanical Seals – The Mechanism of Trust

Mechanical Seals – The Mechanism of Trust

Mechanical seals are important devices in fluid and gas transportation. They are used to seal the entry and exit points of a shaft. The overall purpose is to prevent leakage at these points. Mechanical seal performance is critical to those using pressurized rotating machinery. The mechanical shaft seal for pumps guarantees that the shaft sleeve and the pump casing are completely sealed against pressure. There are different types of mechanical seals, which you can find in mechanical seal suppliers in Dubai.

Components of a mechanical seal

A complete mechanical seal has the following four basic components.

Flat rotating seal face: Attached to the shaft and it rotates with it to seal against the fixed primary sealing element.

Flat stationary seal face: This is found in the fixed components of the pump. It is where the rotating pump passes through.

Spring mechanism: It compresses the rotating and stationary seal faces together.

Secondary elastomer seal: This to seal the stationary face.

How mechanical seals operate

When it comes to mechanical seals, they are made up of a rotary seal face that rotates in sync with the pump shaft. A stationary seal faces with the rotating face and is retained using an integral stuffing box cover. Finally, a tension assembly that uses springs or metal bellows to hold both faces tightly together to keep contamination and leakage at bay.

If the spring mechanism doesn’t put out enough pressure, leakage will occur. Excessive pressure can wear down a seal to the point of failure. The spring’s material and length should be carefully chosen to ensure an optimum amount of pressure. Despite the importance of pressure, it isn’t the only thing to consider. 

The lubrication between the stationary and rotating seal faces is also an important part of the mechanical seal. Ensure you choose the right material from the mechanical seal supplier for optimum performance.

Maintenance practices of mechanical seals

Sealing maintenance is very important. Most of the mechanical seal suppliers in Dubai give their customers manuals having maintenance guidance.

  • Use a soft cloth to clean the shaft and attendant surfaces thoroughly.
  • Apply grease to the shaft to keep it from sticking.
  • Slide the seal along the shaft and firmly press it into place.
  • Cleaning the faces with solvent and dust-free paper is the next step. Before reassembling the pump, apply a few drops of oil to the seal.

Benefits of mechanical seals

Mechanical seals are used in various rotating machines like pumps, compressors, and rectors. Due to their versatility, they are widely used. If you get seals from mechanical seal suppliers, you will receive the following benefits.

  1. Unlike older mechanical seal designs, the modern mechanical seal is well constructed to reduce the damage in the pump shaft. 
  2. Mechanical Seals have inboard springs, which allow them to self-adjust when the faces wear, reducing the amount of maintenance required daily.
  3. These Seals are more energy-efficient than gland packing due to their lightly loaded seal faces that consume less power.
  4. They reduce the amount of bearing contamination because the lubricant is not influenced by seal leakage.
  5. It will save money since less product will be wasted; even water is a valuable resource, and less area cleaning will require less cleaning.


Mechanical seals are used in various rotating machines to prevent the fluid from leaking. The quality will determine the effectiveness of the seal. Make sure you get reliable mechanical seal suppliers in UAE that offer quality products.