What are the Features & Applications of Piston Seals?

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What are the Features & Applications of Piston Seals?

Many industrial applications use piston seals for different purposes. The seal exists in various forms to perfectly fit in different applications and provide the required functionality. The different manufacturer or Piston Seals Suppliers deals with this seal, and their production can differ from one to the other.

When it comes to the uses of the piston seals, they can vary based on where they are applied. You can use a piston seal to make a seal between the Piston and the cylinder. Here, it will prevent the fluid or the air from leaking. You can use the piston seal inside the cylinder to maintain the pressure inside the cylinder. With this blog post, you will know the features and applications of piston seals. Now let’s go deeper.

What are piston seals?

The piston seal is also known as a piston ring. Piston seals can mainly be located in machinery cylinders, but also it depends on the type of application. They are used in application cylinders to seal the fluid, maintain the cylinder pressure, and prevent the liquid from leaking as the Piston moves up and down the cylinder. If you need one for your application, you can rely upon V Packing Suppliers, and they will help you.

What are the unique features of piston seals?

Based on a different production of Piston seals from various manufacturers and  Piston Seals Suppliers, the seal have distinct features. These features are unique, and you can differentiate them from other seals. Some of these features include;

  • They are the essential seal that you can use in cylinders to maintain the pressure level and ensure that the fluid or gases do not leak out.
  • They are durable; therefore, when you use the piston seal, there will be low friction exerted by the machinery or between different components, and they cannot wear quickly.
  • For tight sealing, the seal requires minimum lubrication.
  • Piston seals have a wide range of pressure from 1 to 150psi.
  • They have a high resistance capability.
  • They can tolerate high temperatures; therefore, they can work at a wide range of temperatures.
  • Piston seals provide low frictions.
  • The piston seal is resistant to non-hazardous liquids like water.
  • They can work best even when exposed to an application or machinery that works at a very high speed.
  • Roughness properties
  • It comes in different designs.
  • They are anti-extrusion rings.
  • They came in different materials such as polyamide, nitrile rubber, polytetrafluoroethylene, and many others.

What are Applications of Piston Seals?

Though the Piston has some unique functionalities, it is applicable in most industries due to the diversity of the unique features it poses. In an industry like V Packing Suppliers, it can perform different functionalities like preventing contaminants into the machine, preventing fluid leakage, restricting the movement of air or gases, protecting the machine from damage, and many others. Now below are some of the application areas;

  • Is used in pumping machines or devices in mining.
  • Heavy equipment
  • Steelworks
  • Chemical industry, which uses valves and pumps
  • Marine excavation
  • Oil production and exploration
  • Used in hydraulic machinery or pumps.
  • Vacuum devices
  • Production or automotive and tires
  • Used in the manufacturing of space exploration devices
  • Use in drilling machinery
  • Used in construction devices
  • It is used in packaging
  • It is used in can filling in most industries
  • It is used in the production of domestic goods
  • It is used in some military machinery or devices
  • Pharmaceutical machinery or instruments.


One of Piston Seals Suppliers says that “piston seal is superior and trusted seal with high demand in the market.” This seal is almost used in every industry during their manufacturing process. The seal is also used to manufacture machinery or devices for different purposes. Due to the features and functionality the seal poses, it has many other uses in industrial applications.