All You Need To Know About Viton O Ring Cords

Viton O Ring Cords

All You Need To Know About Viton O Ring Cords

Viton O Ring cords are one of the most durable fluoroelastomers globally. It is used in some of the harshest places, where common temperature extremes and chemical interactions are. For many special applications, it is the best choice because it is very good at what it does and is very durable.

Working on Viton O Ring Cords

Viton O Ring cords will cost much more than a nitrile part of the same size. Because it does the job that other products cannot, this is why it is so good. If you use Viton instead of nitrile, it has better resistance to weathering and ozone and is more resistant to chemicals.

Basic uses

Chemical-resistant Viton seals are also ideal for pumps used for agricultural, pest control, disinfecting, mould remediation, and lawn care sprayers because they are resistant to hydrocarbons found in some of the compounds used. They can also withstand sun exposure and other types of weather. This is another reason why Viton O Ring cords might be better for these applications.


This is a closer look at what the medical field can do with Viton so that you can better understand why it is better than other materials.

Withstands High Temperatures

Viton can withstand high temperatures while still being flexible, shaped, and having good mechanical properties. Standard Viton O ring cords can withstand temperatures from -13°F to 446°F, essential for medical applications. Viton’s high-temperature performance also means that it can withstand the wear and tear of long-term exposure to specific temperature environments. 

Excellent Chemical Resistance

When O-rings and medical devices are used in the medical field, they are often used to seal against harsh chemicals that eventually eat away at most rubber. Viton is very resistant to these chemicals and other gases and solutions used in medical applications. Viton seals can last a long time in critical sealing situations because of this.

Remains Strong under Pressure

When the temperature is high, other rubber materials become hard. Viton seals, on the other hand, are resistant to compression. This resistance allows Viton seals to work under pressure, which is very important in medical applications. Every medical seal should be able to keep sealing even in the most critical situations and not fail. 

Meets Strict FDA and Sanitary Standards

Viton is a type of elastomer that can meet the needs of the medical field, unlike many other types of elastomers. Viton medical seals should be made, tested, and packaged in a cleanroom that the FDA has approved to avoid contamination.

It also has a total lot of traceability for medical seals. Viton medical seals are safe for use in the medical field because we have a certified cleanroom space.

Static vs. Dynamic cords

The design of static and dynamic O-ring seals are very different in a few key ways. A static O-ring is an o-ring that is made to touch two or more surfaces that do not move together. A dynamic O-ring helps make a seal between moving parts.

Overall, static o-rings are less durable and long-lasting materials than their dynamic counterparts. It is also essential that the parts put together in a dynamic environment are well-designed and finished. The O-ring between them won’t be scratched or cut by them. For O-rings that are used in static applications, this is not as big of a deal because the only stress force they will be under will be compression.

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