All You Need To Know About O – Rings

All You Need To Know About O – Rings

O – rings play a major role in any pressure system and are a vital component. Its design is quite a simple one, yet it is quite efficient and serves a huge function. It is circular in nature and is used between two compressed parts. An o ring is placed in a special cavity known as the gland and its main purpose is to withstand strong pressure exerted within the machine.

O – rings are formed and created through a process known as moulding, done by Viton O – Ring manufacturers. Due to the fact that pliable materials are used to make it. In addition to this O – Rings and Seals Suppliers make use of other processes for the manufacture of O – rings which include injection moulding, extrusion, pressure moulding and transfer moulding. O – Rings and Seals Suppliers make use of materials such as silicone, polyurethane, neoprene, nitrile and other pliable materials. The O – rings can be customised to suit almost any pressure system. Seals and O – Rings suppliers create it with special Precision moulding processes in which the viable material is designed and created to make an O – ring.  It would be micro size O – rings, medium size O – rings and large size o-ring.

An O – ring has several wide applications and it is used in pumps, hydraulic lifts, lubrication of aircraft, and lubrication of Automotive joints.

It is important to determine the appropriate size of the O – ring to match the specific needs and requirements as well as on the type of machine that it is to be used. It depends on a number of other factors and important details as well.

O – Ring specifications are based on its diameter and cross-section, the materials used, thickness, ability to withstand pressure as well as the rigidity, stability and hardness of the material. There are several different  O – Ring manufacturers and suppliers in the market who can guide you through the process of finding out the size and type of the  O – Ring requirement. They could also suggest the most suitable method that is to be used to serve the purpose.

Static applications:

The  O – Ring can be used in various applications which include the following:

  • Compression leading to null clearance.
  • The material which is pliable at the time of creation can be vulcanized and made solvent so as to ensure that it is impermeable and impenetrable by fluid, air, gas and other substances.
  • The resistance of the O – Ring against erosion and degradation by external factors, Fluids, air, gas And other substances.

O – rings one of the most common seals used in almost every pressure and pump machine due to the fact that it is highly efficient as well as inexpensive. It is also quite easy to make, easily available in the market, trustworthy and reliable. In addition to this, it also comes with simple mounting requirements.  Every O – Ring is tested and under high pressures of up to 35 megapascal which is approximately 5000 PSI. The maximum pressure that is used on the O – Ring depends upon on the requirement and necessity as well as the hardness of the  O – Ring seal.