Types of Seals and Their Applications

Types of Seals and Their Applications

There are various types of seals, and they have various applications.  They are manufactured in a wide range of sizes and materials. Below are the various types of seals:

Bonded seal – it is a type of washer that provides seals on screws or boltBonded seal suppliers make bonded seals available in various ranges of standard sizes and materials.  A bonded seal is made of an outer annular ring of hard material such as steel and an inner ring of an elastomeric material that acts as a gasket. Compression of the elastomeric part between the faces of the parts on either side of the bonded seal that provides sealing action. The elastomeric material such as nitrile rubber can be bonded by heat and pressure to the outer ring which holds it in position. This increases resistance to bursting, thus increases the pressure rating of that seal. Bonded seals suppliers are Trelleborg sealing solutions.

Wiper seal – It is a seal that is axial. It seals by allowing a reciprocating shaft to pass through the seal inner bore. Thus, it is used to contain fluids and prevent dirt from entering a reciprocating shaft mechanism. Key applications are on hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders whereby the hydraulic cylinders are fitted on the external side of the head of a cylinder and act as a sealing contact to the piston rod. Wiper seals remove dirt, moisture, and chips from piston rods. These make the use of wiper seals in hydraulic cylinders to form a key role in the proper functioning of industrial equipment that can operate in various applications and conditions.

Another key application is in the telescopic suspensions of bicycles and motorcycles. Wiper seal suppliers usually offer a wide range of wiper seals according to customers’ needs.

  • The material used to make the seal: Material used is key to choose the type of seal.
  • Purpose of the seal: Type of seal will vary according to industrial use and main purpose intended.
  • Friction losses:  A type of seal varies depending on tolerance to the type of frictional loss that occurs in a system.
  • Equipment temperature conditions:  Each type of seal works under a certain temperature range.
  • Seal flexibility: Extent of how flexible for a seal varies according to position and working rotation of a cylinder.
  • Seal durability: A specific type of seal has its working duration.
  • The environment in which the equipment is used: The working pressure of the equipment and internal working environment conditions of the system using the seal indicates the type of seal to be used.

Hence, wiper seal suppliers will distribute their products for use in the types of industrial applications; automotive plants, food processing, pharmaceuticals, cement industry, production of tires mining, drilling equipment, steelworks, earthmoving machinery, and hydraulic presses as well as many other industrial applications. However, Metal wiper seals are perfect seals in opened or semi-opened housings.  Hence flexible wipers are less resistant compared to metal wiper seals. To buy Metal wiper seals get in touch with one of the finest suppliers in Dubai.