Quality Factors of Oil Seals that must be checked

Quality Factors of Oil Seals that must be checked

Most of us are aware of the fact that oil seals play a crucial role and it is an important component in almost every industrial machinery and pressure system. In this blog, you get to learn all you need to know about the four factors that need to be checked when choosing oil seals the market.

National Oil Seals are commonly available in almost every market as it is quite simple to make and manufacture as well as it is inexpensive.

Main factors to be considered when choosing oil seals:

The four main factors that should be checked into when choosing oil seals  include the following:

  • Temperature:

Oil seal manufacturers specially design oil seals with pliable elastomer. One needs to check that the temperature in which it is introduced is in the temperature range that is suitable for it. Make sure that the Oil seal is similar to the environmental temperature range when the seal is inserted and fixed.  Extreme forms of temperature other than the normal environmental temperature could cause serious machine dysfunctions. Oil seal manufacturers advise against its use in high excessive temperatures which can lead to the formation of cracks, hardening of the sealing lips, as well as cause it to open up.

  • Pressure:

Oil seal suppliers create and design them to function well at normal pressure and it is suitable for low-pressure applications. At the time of creation and manufacture, the oil seals manufacturers and suppliers create and design oil seals that are suitable only for machines that run on low pressure. However, there are also oil seals that run on high pressure and each is different from the other. It is important to check whether the machine runs on high pressure and to choose a suitable Oil seal for it. Any change in the pressure exerted as well as the structure of the machine that is not in sync with the Oil seal will create serious complications to the machine. It could also prove to be dangerous to the environment around as well as to the people in it.

  • Concentricity:

It is important for the Oil seal suppliers to check whether there is perfect concentricity maintained in the operation of the machine. Both the bore and the shaft should be perfectly aligned. Any sort of misalignment can cause excessive wear and tear and operational complications in the machine. It can also cause dangerous complications to the environment as well as shorten the lifespan of the Oil seal.

  • Lubricants:

One of the main factors to check when choosing an Oil seal is to look out for its performance with lubricants. A lubricant which has the right viscosity and is suitable for the application as well as compatible with the Oil seal and its material should be chosen. The Oil seal should be compatible with all the lubricants whether it is additives or synthetic lubricants so as to prevent premature wear and tear from occurring.

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