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O-ring kits and accessories improve sealing performance in several applications. It contains various sizes of o rings which help in repairing and maintaining seals. If you have the equipment or a machine, these kits are very vital. Buying o ring kits from branded o ring kit suppliers are advisable for quality products.

O Ring and Seal suppliers have a large selection of o ring kits in various materials, styles, and sizes. Kits might include square rings, o rings, x-rings, backup rings, and more. Kits can also be branded and come with a shadow chart that matches o ring sizes perfectly. The number of o rings that may be accommodated in a kit range between 100 and 1000 pieces.

There are various types of o ring kits

Viton o ring kits

Viton is a brand name of a synthetic rubbers manufacturer, which is often utilized to manufacture O rings and other rubber products. Viton manufactures high-performance and long-lasting rubber materials. As a result, Viton O rings kits are quite popular nowadays. Even though they are heat resistant, Viton O rings have excellent mechanical properties at high temperatures. Viton o ring kits contain Viton o rings and accessories.

NBR o ring kits

NBR is also known as Nitrile. Just like Viton, NBR o rings are used in sealing applications. The NBR o ring kits have o rings and accessories made from NBR fluoroelastomer. These o rings are not as strong as Viton o rings, but they are suitable for domestic use.

O ring kit may contain the following accessories other than o rings.

O ring lubricants: These are used when installing o rings seals to protect them from damage. Lubricants prolong the sealing performance of the o rings by reducing friction. There is also an option for purchasing self-lubricated o rings.

O rings installation tools: Installing o rings requires special tools to ensure that they are well placed. These tools help to ensure that seals are not bent or misaligned. Every ring kit has these tools.

Rubber adhesive: This is used to connect two rubber materials. It is a very important accessory in seal maintenance. For example, when your seal breaks and you are out of budget to buy another seal, the adhesive will be a great save.

O ring material identifier: This helps to detect various materials of the o rings. It is calibrated such that when you place it on an o ring, it will give you the category of the material. It can distinguish between Viton and NBR o rings. It helps to ensure you install the right o ring seal in your equipment.

O ring sizing cone: This is used to measure the size of the o rings. The cone does not give the actual size of the o ring, but it helps sort them. It also has a tape measure.

O ring splicing kit: It is used to make o rings in the field.


An o ring kit is a package that contains a variety of o rings in various sizes. The kit is mainly intended to be used for storing o rings. Sealing O rings are utilized in a variety of industrial instruments and equipment to keep separate parts together. Viton and NBR o ring kits are the common kits available in the market. This is because of their desirable physical and chemical properties.