O-Ring Applications for Custom and Standard Molded Seals

O-Ring Applications for Custom and Standard Molded Seals

The o-ring is a mechanical element typically designed to fit in the groove and compress during assembly between two or more parts, creating a seal at the interface. O-rings being one of the most common types of seals they are affordable, reliable, and, at the same time, have simple installation requirements. Since o rings are known as one of the most critical structural elements of a machine, they can be used in static applications where a small range of motion is required. O Ring cord can be used in various applications like in rotating pump shafts and hydraulic cylinder positions.

O rings are made from different materials. They constitute of silicone, polyurethane, neoprene, fluorocarbon, nitrile rubber, or some other elastomers. The shapes and sizes of the cord vary depending on the application. O ring cord suppliers provide a lengthy piece of O ring, and they supply it in bulk orders.

The use of sealing elements

Depending on the application and the environment, several types of materials for the manufacture of seals can be distinguished into NBR, FPM, EPDM. Also, unique materials – VMQ, HNBR, CR, FFPM, PTFE, which are suitable for more demanding conditions and with increased chemical, thermal, or abrasion-resistant.

The products are represented by the piston and rotary seals, wiper, support and guide rings, chevron sets, o-rings, sealing cords, and other consumables. It is also possible to create and produce special seals for individual orders in a short time and on favorable terms.

All seals are manufactured per the latest requirements of ISO9001 in three standard ways:

  • Casting method;
  • Turning method;
  • Hot pressing method.

One of the significant segments of the production is seals for heavy hydraulics – split and one-piece seals of large diameter. Special seals reinforced with Kevlar thread guarantee exceptional durability. The range of seals is presented in sizes from 1 mm to 3500 mm.

hardness tester:

The determination of the durometer is not tricky. Besides, softer formulations are easier to stretch and more compact on uneven surfaces. Solid formulations offer greater abrasion and extrusion resistance.


There are more o-rings than it seems at first glance. They come in numerous colours and sizes. O Ring Cord Suppliers supply o-rings in the most common colours, materials, and joints.

Shelf life:

The storage life of o-rings can vary from three years to unlimited, depending on the type of elastomer.

Custom O-rings:

If you are looking for a custom-sized Viton O Ring cords for any cross-sections larger than the AS568 400 series (0.275 in CS) and an identifier greater than the largest identifier for In this series, O Ring cord suppliers will aid you with that.

The O ring is well known as the simplest but critical components which have been developed. However, there are new improvements in technology such as nanotechnology- rubber that can take some problem of sealing away from the O ring. The innovations have upgraded the significance of O rings. You should ensure you get O rings from renowned suppliers. O ring cord suppliers in Dubai avail the cords to the clients when the need arises. The rings supplied are of high quality.