Knowledge About 4 FDA-Grade O-Ring Materials.

Knowledge About 4 FDA-Grade O-Ring Materials.

Within the food and pharmaceutical industries, many processing equipments use a good sort of Seals and hence there are many O ring cord suppliers in Dubai of which there are many sorts of mechanical seals that are used. The O rings are placed in between two surfaces and that they are compressed during assembly hence creating a reliable sealing surface. They will withstand corrosion, speed, and abrasion also as can meet FDA standards. This suggests that FDA approval for a particular compound or material should withstand risks in sensitive food processing and pharmaceuticals works.

FDA compounds should have these characteristics:

  • Reliable at varying temperatures
  • Can remain neutral under harsh conditions
  • Should be non-toxic and non-allergic
  • Have high resistances to fungal or bacterial growth

4 FDA grade O-ring materials

FDA Compliant Nitrile: Nitrile rubber (Butadiene Acrylonitrile), which is abbreviated as NBR, is suggested for O-rings utilized in pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic processing. This rubber compound has excellent impact, oil, and grease resistance, and retains its flexibility throughout various cooling and heating cycles. White nitrile rubber O-rings are preferred in egg processing, and dairy applications too. These O-rings can withstand daily cleaning necessary in many food processing plants. Temp. Range: -25°F to +220°F / -32°C to +104°C

 FDA Compliant Fluorocarbon: The Fluorocarbon elastomers are valued within the food industry thanks to the beneficial advantages they need. These elastomers have an honest range of chemical compatibility, low compression set, temperature range, and excellent aging characteristics. These elastomers are highly fluorinated, which are utilized in various applications to resist ozone attack and harsh chemicals. Temp. Range: -15°F to +400°/440°F/ -26°C to +205°/230°C

 FDA Compliant Silicone: The FDA O-rings made up of silicone offer superb chemical, thermal and electric resistance. The FDA-grade silicone material is a smaller amount volatile, free from peroxide, and may deal with discolouration. Silicone is tasteless, odourless, non-toxic, and chemically inert. It can easily resist the buildup of bacteria and fungi. Temp. Range: -67°F to 450°F/ -55° C to 232° C

FDA Compliant EPDM: EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer (M-class) rubber) is one of the foremost popular elastomers utilized in the food industry. These elastomers can withstand a good temperature range. EPDM provides high resistance against phosphate esters, oils and greases. Temp. Range: -40°F to +230°F / -40°C to +110°C

Viton O ring cords are manufactured under Viton Trademark, and these cords are used to seal leaks, pumps and valves. Viton O ring cords are the foremost common sort of seal and hence are often found easily from O-ring cord suppliers in Dubai. Viton is immune to tearing, abrasion and rubbing, thus capable of making best seals where fluids are used. Viton o rings cords are made up of a mixture of fluoropolymer elastomer and artificial rubber hence utilized in many applications like high vacuum applications, exposure to ozone, weather and temperature ranges of -40°C to 250°C, and processes involving hydraulic liquids that are non-flammable.

O ring cord suppliers in Dubai provide custom rings that show convenience for several sorts of businesses. They ought to be of top quality, highly reliable and highly effective.