Know About The Various Applications Of O – Rings.

Know About The Various Applications Of O – Rings.

Seals are required for most mechanical systems. These devices contribute to the unification of mechanisms through leakage prevention and are critical for machine operation. A gasket is a type of screen which is pushed between two or more surfaces in the area.

O-rings are doughnut-shaped gaskets which can be used in static or dynamic applications, also known as packing connections. O-Ring Manufacturers is easy to make, cheap and reliable and is one of the most popular seals in machinery worldwide.

U.S. machinist Niels Christensen filed the first U.S. patent for the O-Ring. Christensen was created in Tørring, Denmark in 1865 and immigrated to the USA in 1891 to design streetcar air braking systems.

In order to find a sealing solution, Niels examined rubber in the form of rings. In 1936, he discovered that Rubber O-Rings Suppliers in a groove measuring one and half times the smaller ring radius created an ideal seal to be used in pistons and cylinders. After two years in the application process, he was granted a patent in 1939.

While typically circular Rubber O-Rings Manufacturers are used for a different purpose, including squares, X-shapes, etc., different shapes are employed. O-ring is produced using a range of production techniques such as extrusion, compression moulding, injection moulding and machining. Depending on the application, nitrile rubber, silicone, Neoprene, Fluorocarbon and other elastomers can be produced from a variety of materials. O-Ring design refers to quality, quantity, expense, the temperature of the application, sealing pressure, chemical compatibility.

Common O ring applications


Under severe conditions, high-performance products are needed for industries such as passenger cars, heavy-duty trucks and aircraft. All factors affecting elastomer selection for O Ring Manufacturers are chemicals exposure, extreme temperature and vibration. Specific compounds that comply with strict OEM and Tier 1 standards have been produced and are refined continually to meet biofuel and emissions standards.

Oil and gas industries

Industrial oil, gas and valves, gas pumps, fittings, distributors and storage tanks need sealing solutions that resist extreme temperatures, hazardous products and high compression. Rubber O-Rings Manufacturers use special compounds such as peroxide and perfluoroelastomers treated with triazine guarantee resistance to heat and chemicals.

Electronic Applications

Semiconductor processing and dust protection call for O-ring production in clean surroundings in consumer electronics. A wide range of compounds is provided with particulate and contaminant-free Rubber O-Rings Suppliers.

Paintball weapons, tanks and kits

O-ring is used to secure the air from the gun throughout the paintball gun systems. Paintball rings are usually made of buna, one of the simplest parts of the paintball kit, but if you break, it can ruin the field one day if there are no ready spare parts available. It is important to examine and replace the O-Ring Manufacturers when cleaning a paintball gun.

Medical Specialty

Top grade O-rings are necessary for the medical field of syringe, pump, filtration and connectors

Scuba equipment

The O-Rings in a scuba gear literally save or threaten a lifetime and it is part of every scuba divers’ safety routine to inspect them. Most divers use it only once or as part of rental equipment.
These are some of the common usages of  Rubber O Rings Manufacturers.