Kastas Hydraulic Seals- Your Choice Of Seals For Industrial Usage

KASTAS hydraulic seals

Kastas Hydraulic Seals- Your Choice Of Seals For Industrial Usage

Today, hydraulic seals are a major part of many manufacturing processes and are used in countless applications in various industries. These seals are commonly used in mining, waste management, and much more, where they have significantly contributed to these companies success. Of the many hydraulic seals, there are KASTAS hydraulic seals that have been very helpful in increasing the productivity of factories that manufacture automotive parts by allowing increased efficiency and significantly reducing downtime.

Hydraulic seals are commonly used to keep oil from leaking out of equipment or control the leaking oil from getting into internal parts or the environment. These seals can be found on various products, from construction equipment to manufacturing machinery and vehicles. Hydraulic seals come in handy for products with many moving parts or where the pressure on the seals is immense, such as machinery in food processing plants or oil refineries.

What’s a hydraulic seal?

A hydraulic seal is a soft non-metallic ring captured in the groove to form a seal assembly. It’s mainly used to separate or block fluid in motion applications.

KASTAS hydraulic seals are the most used type as they help stabilize products during movement or changes in pressure, such as those found on food processing machines that keep oils from leaking onto food during manufacturing.

Application of KASTAS Hydraulic Seals

Depending on your application and the type of borehole or conduit, you may be able to choose between different sizes and specifications. By choosing KASTAS hydraulic seals, you have access to an extensive selection of high-quality seals that are designed to provide a high level of containment during significant pressure changes.

  • Oil and Gas- KASTAS seals are used extensively in the oil and gas industry, where they help ensure that oil or water does not escape from, or leak into, the borehole. For applications where gravity is not strong enough to hold the borehole or conduit open, KASTAS hydraulic seals can be used to maintain a flow of fluids into a well. They’re also used in many industrial manufacturing applications, such as food processing and liquid transportation equipment, which help keep liquids in containers.
  • Automobile- Hydraulic seals are used extensively in automobiles to help reduce product failure and make cars run more efficiently. Hydraulic seals are used in many automobile parts, such as brakes and transmissions, to help keep leaks of oil or water from spoiling finished products. They’re also used in many engine parts to ensure that oil does not touch hot components.
  • Construction- Hydraulics seals are essential for construction equipment to minimize product damage and protect builders from harm. For example, KASTAS hydraulic seals can be found on the bulldozers used in the construction, where they help keep the blades elevated without extensive pressure being needed to do so.
  • Mining- KASTAS hydraulic seals are used in large mining equipment to help keep oil flowing smoothly from one part of the equipment to another.
  • Shipping- KASTAS hydraulic seals are also commonly used in the shipping or transportation industry. These types of seals can be found on vehicles, heavy machinery and tools, and various containers. The main function of these seals is to ensure that oil or water does not leak out during shipment. They do this by creating an airtight seal at the point where two parts meet to keep lubricating fluid contained at all times.