Application and Properties of V Packing Seal

Application and Properties of V Packing Seal

V-seal packaging, also known as chevron seals, consist of female seals that shape a package regularly used for sealing in liquids in static, alternate, and centrifugal applications. This is according to V Packing Suppliers. While the specification is usually standard, the right material’s choice and the number of rings used to depend on the guide’s pressure, the heat, and the liquid being enclosed. V-packing seals are primarily used for sealing valves and suction cups in various industries, such as oil and gas, chemical and food processing machinery.

According to the Piston Seals Suppliers, the products used in V packing seals production include Virgin PTFE, changed PTFE, PTFE packed with glass or carbon fibre, PEEK; a blending of materials is not only feasible but also encouraged.

Sizes and shapes: As per customer’s needs, the V-packaging seal is commonly used in the chemical, petroleum, and pharmaceutical industries. It is highly resistant to all forms of aggressive contaminants, except molten alkali metals, fluorine, and its by-products, says the Virgin PTFE V seal packaging maker.

The V-packaging seal is a surprisingly elastic element with a wide range of applications. This is one of the most common chemically inert compounds used in various fields and industries. It has advanced chemical tolerance, a very high-temperature range, is insensitive to ultraviolet rays, and has excellent electrical insulating properties—flexible, minimal friction, latent.

Properties of V packaging seal

  • Almost endless shelf life
  • Excellent electrical insulation
  • Excellent thermal stability;
  • Authorized by the FDA
  • Wide variety of temperatures
  • Low-friction coefficient
  • Extreme tolerance to chemicals

Applications –

Widely used in hydraulic cylinder systems –

The hydraulic cylinder piston or piston rod seal for high-pressure reciprocating motion consists of a support ring, a seal ring, and a pressure ring. In addition, the seal ring in the centre is at least one, which can also be raised to create a more substantial seal effect depending on the particular situation. Inversely, due to the rubber cloth’s addition, the mechanical properties are greatly enhanced and have a strong sealing effect under poor conditions of high pressure and effects. In short, it is commonly used in the hydraulic cylinder method for metallurgy, mining, and general machinery.

Oilfield Downhole Equipment –

V-Packages are also used in various Oilfield downhole installations, such as various valves, etc.V Packing Suppliers ensures V-Packages are incredibly suitable for medium to heavy-duty applications. Vee Packings tolerate low and high pressure when working in the most severe conditions and even if there is any misalignment between the sealing gaps.

Creates an Instant Reaction with Pressure –

Each lip of the Vee-Packing Set responds independently to the pressure, thereby immediately influencing the seal. The strain is spread automatically in various lip settings, thereby influencing the seal along the shaft. Vee-Packages also allow automated reactions to high pressure and overload shocks.

Retains High And Low Pressures –

The Vee-Pack variation retains the Base Seal’s high and low pressures, the Vee-Ring at the middle, and the Pressure Ring. The Vee-Ring is the critical seal capable of retaining high and low pressures, while the base seal supports the middle ring from being extruded during high-pressure applications. The Pressure Ring helps to maintain the Vee Packing profile and to distribute the pressure evenly.

V- Packing is a multi-lip seal made up of endless rings and is standard for sealing rods and pistons. They can also be used in low or high-pressure applications either for single or double-acting cylinders.